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My Cloud Quant Ltd offers cloud-based quantitative analyses via for individual, corporate and institutional use.

Currently we offer two quantitative analyses accessible via our APP at

Pattern recognition module and Seasonal Charts modules.


Pattern recognition module


Fully automatic cloud based statistical solution designed to find high probability quantitative patterns for stocks based on repeating historical events for futures, indices, currency pairs, crypto and other financial assets.

Pattern recognition is using state of art supervised learning algorithms to filter only the high probability patterns from historical data of respective assets under observation. Quantitative models use price changes like gaps up/down, % changes vs previous days, standard deviation changes, new highs and lows, volume changes, seasonality (like price changes in particular days, months and others ).

Technical indicators like Relative Price Index, Rate of Change, Bollinger bands. New highs and low like 20 and 55 days High/Low, 52 weeks high/Low and All time High Lows. Economic data event like FOMC meeting and economic figures. We constantly upgrading the list of quantitative models in the background.



Pattern Recognition Module – User guide


Pattern Recognition Main page


Switch between analyses with ease

Account settings access

Subscription access


Asset Navigation Table

Explore full list of assets using Assets Navigation table.

You can search by:

  • Tab navigation
  • Search by asset name like Tesla motors
  • Search by ticker like TSLA



 Found patterns for selected asset

From dropdown menu of the asset you can find all available patterns by date.

Anonymous and Registered user of the App have limited access to available patterns.

You need to be paid subscriber to be to choose/see all patterns



Pattern Analysis – Main data

For selected date Pattern Recognition module will show full statistical picture of the pattern found on this date.

There are tooltips available with detailed explanation for every field what is show exactly and to interpret the data.


Pattern Analysis – Returns by day

These are average returns in % by working days after the event for all instances found in the historical data of the asset.

Currently Pattern recognition is analyzing only 30 working days after the event is found.


Pattern Analysis – Probabilities of the Bias by day

These are average returns in % by working days after the event for all instances found in the historical data of the asset.

Currently Pattern recognition is analyzing only 30 working days after the event is found.


Pattern Analysis – Standard deviation of daily returns

Standard deviation of average return by day after the event is showing historical volatility of daily returns under observation.

Just Statistics No Guarantees


Seasonal Chart Module


Use Case

Seasonal Chart Module is designed to give clients ability to explore seasonal patterns (seasonality) of more than 50 assets mainly futures.


Definition of Seasonality

According the Investopedia the definition of Seasonality is:

‘A characteristic of a time series in which the data experiences regular and predictable changes which recur every calendar year. Any predictable change or pattern in a time series that recurs or repeats over a one-year period can be said to be seasonal.’


Huge percentage of futures trading is seasonal. Livestocks and crops are good example as growing and harvesting are in same seasons year after year. Another good example is energy markets , Crude oil, Natural gas consumption and so on all of them produce recurring patterns during summer and winter. Identifying these seasonal tendencies can very powerful tool to help producers, traders, investors and other market participants making better decisions.


Added Features

Along with graphical presentation of seasonality we offer some key measurements designed to help clients with interpretations of results:

  • Correlation of current Year To Date (YTD) performance vs Historical performance.  Highly useful feature which shows how strong current year correlates with the seasonal performance of the observed period.
  • Asset’s performance prediction and probabilities for the next 5 working days based on observed period seasonal data and correlation (explained above).



Seasonal Charts Module – User guide

Seasonal Charts Module – Assets tree and Search

  • Easy access to an asset sorted by asset class
  • Search for an asset for direct access in Search bar






 Seasonal Charts Module – Updates section

Automatically generated updates from Seasonal Charts module for assets which shows seasonal tendency to move either up or down for the day shown in the updates.

The updates are generates only for assets which have positive correlation of Year to Date (YTD) performance vs historical seasonality for all available years.


 Seasonal Charts Module – Charts


Speedometer shows the Correlation of Year to Date (YTD) performance of the asset vs. the seasonality of the assets performance for the selected period.

The user is able to change start and end years which is great tool to explore how different markets conditions through the years compares to YTD performance. Correlation can move from -1 to 1 .

Correlation of -1 means no correlation between YTD performance vs Seasonal Performance for the selected period.

Correlation of +1 means perfectly correlation between YTD performance vs Seasonal Performance for the selected period.

5 day historical performance is statistical tool based of seasonality of the selected period which shows what are the most probable movements for next 5 days vs previous day.

Seasonal probability for Increase/Decrease shows probability in percent by day for increase and decrease as shown on  5 day historical performance chart.



Seasonal Charts module assets list


The list below contains full list of assets and asset classes currently available on Seasonal Chart module.

We are working to add new assets in the future covering more markets around the globe. Any changes in availability of assets will be announced in News section of the website.

Asset name Asset class
Bitcoin Crypto Currencies
Australian Dollar AUD Currencies
British Pound GBP Currencies
Canadian Dollar CAD Currencies
Euro FX Currencies
Eurodollar Currencies
Japanese Yen JPY Currencies
Mexican Peso Currencies
New Zealand Dollar NZD Currencies
Soybean Oil Currencies
Swiss Franc CHF Currencies
US Dollar Index Currencies
Brent Crude Oil Energy
Gasoline Energy
Heating Oil Energy
Natural Gas Energy
UK Natural Gas Energy
WTI Crude Oil Energy
Corn Grains
Kansas City Wheat Grains
Oats Grains
Rough Rice Grains
Soybean Meal Grains
Soybeans Grains
Wheat Grains
DAX Indexes
Dow Jones Index E-mini Indexes
EURO STOXX 50 Indexes
FTSE 100 Index Indexes
Montreal S&P/TSX 60 Index Indexes
NASDAQ 100 Index Mini Indexes
Nikkei 225 Indexes
Russell 1000 Index Mini Indexes
Russell 2000 Index Mini Indexes
S&P 400 Midcap Index Indexes
S&P 500 Index Indexes
S&P 500 Index E-Mini Indexes
VIX Indexes
10-year US Treasury Note Interest rates
2-year US Treasury Note Interest rates
30-day Federal Funds Interest rates
30-year US Treasury Bond Interest rates
5-year US Treasury Note Interest rates
Euro-Bund Interest rates
Long Gilt Interest rates
Lean Hogs Meats
Live Cattle Meats
Copper Metals
Palladium Metals
Zinc Metals
Gold Precious metals
Platinum Precious metals
Silver Precious metals
Cocoa Soft
Coffee Soft
Cotton Soft
London Cocoa Soft
Orange Juice Soft
Sugar No. 11 Soft

All of the assets above are Continuous futures contracts with Backwards ratio adjusted prices except Bitcoin. Bitcoin data is compiled from available exchange data for spot prices.


Pattern recognition module assets list

US Futures – 55

US Stocks – 250

Crypto – Bitcoin

UK stocks – Q4 2019

German Stocks – Q4 2019

Other markets – on demand.

My Cloud Quant Ltd. Reserves the rights to add and remove assets from asset list at any time










Pricing & Discounts


Subscription Plans


Our subscription plans for using our App start from $39.95



1 month 3 months 6 months
Price per month $59.95 $49.95 $39.95
Free trial 14 days 14 days 14 days
Billed Per month For 3 months For 6 months



Up to 30% off for those who want to save with longer term subscriptions.


*Please note that our policy is not to provide recurring payments. If you find our analyses useful please subscribe for longer term plans and enjoy bigger discounts.


Free trial provides 14 days of Free Trial for first time subscribers. During this trial period users can will be able to use full functionality of the website.  Subscribers have ability to cancel any time the subscription during the trial period without charge.


Secure Payments

The payments provider of this website is Braintree Payments (a Paypal company) ( which offer highest level of security for online payments.


User Profiles

Although full functionality of the is available only for paid subscribers. We provide users of the website with ability to see functionality of our analyses with simple registration. Registered users can see full functionality for limited number of patterns. Unregistered users will have some limited functionality of our analyses.

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