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Gold historical seasonality for 26 Feb 2018 shows 0.42% negative average performance with positive correlation with current year. Heating Oil historical seasonality for 26 Feb 2018 shows 1.28% positive average performance with positive correlation with current year. To see more register for FREE at our Seasonal charts app HERE MCQ Team #GOLD #HeatingOil

The beginning of the year was marked by sharp sell off across US bond market. Both US 10 Year T-Note and 30 Year T-Bond futures drop significantly despite relatively calm seasonality for this period. We see this as very negative sign for bond markets for the rest of the year. A lot of factors weigh […]

  We have decided to keep FREE Access of our Seasonal Charts App for all assets throughout 2018. To get the most of our Seasonal Charts APP you need to register for free using email or social logins (FB & G+) We are working very hard on our next quantitative research module which will be […]

  Recent wild moves of Bitcoin are all over the media with stories of fresh new crypto billionaires, exchanges hacked, huge volatility on up and down days. We are not surprised by either of these moves as correlation of Year To Date performance of Bitcoin vs its seasonality patterns (2012-2016) stands at 87% which is […]

Best seasonality correlations of 2017 from IlianBontchev

We decided to give Limited time Free full access to our Seasonal Charts app. Explore seasonal patterns of more than 50 assets in 10 assets classes. In order to get most of our app you need to register either with email or Social logins (Google+ or Facebook). If you have any questions do not hesitate […]

In Focus – GBPUSD seasonality  In this article we will show some interesting statistics about the British Pound. We decided to explore what is the best period in the last 40 year which most closely match current year performance of British pound. We used  British Pound Continuous futures contract ratio adjusted to avoid the gaps […]

Hi, We want to inform you that technical issue is resolved and the is now up and running.   MCQ Team

Hi,   We are experiencing technical issue with the We will announce when is it is up and running again. We are sorry for inconvenience.   MCQ Team

  Why is seasonality important for your investments?   There are many technical indicators and statistical analysis techniques that can be used to model your financial data to arrive at the optimum investment or business decision. While a large range of different technical indicators may prove overwhelming for you to pick the best one for […]

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