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In Focus – GBPUSD seasonality  In this article we will show some interesting statistics about the British Pound. We decided to explore what is the best period in the last 40 year which most closely match current year performance of British pound. We used  British Pound Continuous futures contract ratio adjusted to avoid the gaps […]

  Why is seasonality important for your investments?   There are many technical indicators and statistical analysis techniques that can be used to model your financial data to arrive at the optimum investment or business decision. While a large range of different technical indicators may prove overwhelming for you to pick the best one for […]

Seasonality of Bitcoin points for a top this week. The parabolic rise for the last couple of weeks of the Bitcoin most probably will stop around 30 November as seasonality points for a top.   Explore seasonality of more than 50 assets including Bitcoin with  #Bitcoin #BTCUSD #CRYPTO

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